Save the Trees

possum blend yarn

“Save The Trees” is a blend of 75% merino–cross wool, 15% possum fur and 10% natural coloured Polwarth wool. The merino-cross wool is the base fibre used in all our yarns and the Polwarth wool is the same as that used in our Rough Ridge yarns. The possum fur was sourced from possums trapped on the West Coast of the South Island, and from a family farm in the Wairarapa.
Possum fur is a hollow fibre and very warm. A small amount blended with fine wool makes a truly luxurious yarn for the cosiest garments and accessories. “Save The Trees” is a woollen spun DK weight yarn that comes in 100g skeins with 260m in each. As well as the Natural undyed colour there are four colours, hand-dyed in lots of 1kg. The colours have been inspired by the features of various native plants and trees commonly seen in and around native forests.
Possums are an introduced species in New Zealand and a major pest to the ecosystem. Read about them at Predator Free NZ

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