In general we are unable to wholesale the yarns as they are all boutique produced and hand dyed. The process is very intensive, and our time inputs are huge. However there are a few options available to buyers:

  1. Buy direct from the producer via this website – we are currently putting together sample cards which you will be able to purchase via the website
  2. Country Rumours Cooperative shop in Geraldine, South Canterbury is open 7 days a week. A good selection of yarns is available there. As Mary is involved in helping to staff the shop, the yarns are priced the same as on this website, and there may be some shop specials… You will find a good selection of colours in the shop. Do call in if you passing through to or from Queenstown and Mt Cook.
  3. Buyers in Canada can purchase some of the yarns from Julie Levi at www.yumyarn.com. Julie buys dyed yarn in bulk and winds it into cakes or skeins. She is also dyeing some of the yarn herself.
  4. The Land Girl shop and café in Pirinoa, South Wairarapa stocks kits and also hand knitted hats made with Maniototo Wool. Say hello to Andrea Didsbury who owns the café on this popular Tourist route
  5. The Oamaru Textile Emporium has a selection of Maniototo Wool Yarns. Doe Arnot is a wonderful dyer and weaver, and a lover of our woolen spun yarns in particular. She buys yarn in bulk and adds her own magic to them. Some are sold with our label and others with Doe’s own label
  6. We supply bulk yarn to a select number of experienced dyers who love our merino-cross wool. They usually market it under their own labels.
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