About our Wool

We are producers of beautiful yarns with wool sourced from sheep farmed in the Maniototo region of Central Otago New Zealand. The sheep are “New Zealand Halfbred”, the offspring from Merino rams and Romney ewes. We call our wool “Merino Cross”.

Each year we select the best quality fleeces available, in the range 22-24 microns, a range with a high comfort factor for wool garments (not prickly).

The Maniototo region is suited to farming sheep that produce high-quality wool. Our farmers follow a breeding programme resulting in healthy, well-grown sheep living outdoors in natural high country conditions.

The wool is scoured at Canterbury Woolscourers in Timaru, then carded and spun in Christchurch. The wool is not chemically treated for machine washability as we prefer the natural characteristics of the product. The yarns are then delivered on cones or in hanks.


The yarns are hand dyed by Maniototo owner, Mary at her home in Geraldine, South Canterbury. All the dyeing is done outside on fine days. She uses 40L hot water urns and dyes about 1kg of wool at a time. The dyes used are acid dyes, specially formulated for protein fibres such as wool. These are supplied by Teri Dyes. Mary keeps detailed records so that the standard colours can be accurately repeated.

Undyed yarns can sometimes be supplied on cones or hanks for a bulk price.

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